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Acorn Apparel

Welcome to my apparel portfolio page. This journey began when my friend and I decided to joined forces to combine our specific talents and passions. The result? Acorn Apparel.


It is partnership dedicated to crafting innovative apparel designs that caters to specific niche audiences. The name's origin stems from “Squirrel Island” where we first met and began showcasing and selling our designs. Together, we handle everything – from designing and marketing to sourcing suppliers and managing billing. 



The SIFD design targeted to Squirrel Island, ME residents. Squirrel Island does not have an official fire department and every “islander” is expected to do their part in the event of an emergency. 

~$1980 Revenue = ~66 Shirts Sold



The Novelty design aimed at replicating the legacy and history of the Novelty ferry. We extended our target audience to include residents of both Boothbay Harbor, ME and Squirrel Island, ME.

~$2730 Revenue = ~91 Shirts Sold


Bucknell Monopoly

For Bucknell's MGMT 101 Company, Cause 4 Paws, I helped create and sell the design of a Bucknell Monopoly-themed t-shirt design. All profits were donated to dog shelter 4 Paws Sake.


~$8250 revenue = ~375 Shirts Sold


Bison Soccer

For Bucknell's Club Soccer team, we designed another niche t-shirt design incorporating Bucknell Bison Mascot with a soccer. 

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